Kent Clothier – Motivated Sellers Course Full Course

Kent Clothier – Motivated Sellers Course Full Course 4 out of 5 based on 34 ratings.

The previous paragraph is 1 way How to Find Motivated Sellers, the other methods are Direct mail first you must find the list you want to target.

As a full time Wholesaler I can tell you the way you remain full time is by keeping your phone ringing with sellers. Are all them motivated? of course not but you have to go through a few no’s.

Physical Course – No Cash No Credit 100% LTV Real Estate Cash Flow System.I got involved in real estate investing 20 years ago as most investor start off.

This includes full details about all the legalities when it comes to doing an iron-clad lease-option deal using a land trust or land contract. It will also include never-before-revealed.

Competitive Advantages In my last blog post, I covered a game-changing topic involving motivated sellers and off market properties. I also invited you to join a free master class with myself and my buddy, Kent Clothier. As I mentioned, Kent has been a full-time real estate investor since 2003. He is truly an innovator – in.

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Kent Clothier/ REWW.

Find Motivated Sellers is a scam. The video says you get up to 12,000 downloads and an unconditional money back guarantee all for $97 a month. NOT you have to pay almost $1000 to get the 12k downloads and if you download at all, you lose money download more than 750.

.you get NO MONEY BACK!.

Of course not.

close more motivated sellers because.

. it’s a proven template that’s easy to follow even if you’re brand new to REI.

(Kent Clothier) has been doing this almost 14 years, and naturally he has a bit of an advantage as a result. Also, the average person who buys any "business building" course (or something similar) rarely gets any results.

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